Message from Board of Directors

To our guests,

Black Industry Infrastructure Company, BIIC, is a corporation founded in 2019 by the joining of members of an international trade and consulting consortium. Participating in a wide range of business in Asia, we established our business in machine tools, raw materials, consulting and engineering. As a young company with a long-term vision, we have selected our niche markets and combined the strengths of our member companies in order to be able to provide the best service with a spirit of sincere cooperation with all our partners.

Our business philosophy is to help winners win more, therefore our pitch to anyone interested to know what we do is: We help companies that have reached their market ceiling to open up strategic business units to go beyond their current market cap.

Among other valuable achievements in 2019, our year’s highlight was successfully forming an international venture that paved the way for bitumen to be exported from the Middle East and sold with Shanghai Futures Exchange price for the first time in history, allowing for direct competition with large bitumen giants such as South Korea’s SK. We look forward to have meaningful cooperation in different fields with all our partners in 2020 while upholding our spirit as a challenger company.


Board of Directors – Mr. M.N- Mr. L.P- Mr. W.J

Black Industry Infrastructure Company (Joint Stock)